November 9, 2016

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Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

May 7, 2017

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It's raining Beetles 😆

June 15, 2017

Along with the rainy season came the beetles as well. Not the band, the insects.  There are many and they are everywhere.  They are light brown in colour, and extraordinarily clumsy.

They cannot walk 2 centimetres before falling over on their back.  In fact, they spend most of their time on their backs, waving their legs desperately.  So, we often lend a hand and turn them over, just to see them flip right back over again — over and over again. 😐


sorry for the dramatic music 😆


They also fly a little, banging clumsily from one place to the other.  Shortly after their departure they crash into something and smash to the floor, and attempt walking again.
In a way, I see myself in them, making the same mistakes over and over again — being helped and corrected over and over again. 


Thankfully, we are designed differently; and in applying quality effort we are able to learn, transform, and improve.


It is in this way that we are working with this year’s coffee harvest:
visiting many different coffee farms, talking to many people, learning from our experiences — from last year's mistakes, and from the mistakes of others.  



We were very impressed by the openness and kindness of the people we met in the coffee world.  We have made some long lasting friendships :).

Such as Manolo and
his amazing papa from Las Delicias, Michiele and Ronald from the Coffee Quest, Alex and Daniel from Ensoluna, the brothers from Fat Cat, etc etc...


We were recently at a BIG flea market in Cuatro Grados Norte of Guatemala City — a cultural district located in zone 4.  

If you don’t know about this part of Guatemala City, it is certainly worth checking out.  It's full of hip specialty coffee shops and really good restaurants.
The flea market was amazing.  It was coordinated with a graffiti event organized by the local municipality to make the neighborhood more lively and colorful.  

Attending the event was a diverse and inspiring group of people: dozens and dozens of talented graffiti artists, skateboarders riding ramps and rails, and break dancers busting out their moves to soulful hip hop.


 photos by: © 2017 Imaginatorio Cooperative



We felt a warm welcome by cuatro grados nortes.

This was the first time most people of this community were introduced to Shan Ren Farms products. :) 

By the way, we now have some of our products at two excellent stores there:
Fado Bakery (loved their spinach béchamel roll) and Siento8  — both beautifully designed:



I'll leave you to your day now,
hope you are well!




P.S. If you missed the first email of our email-list, CLICK HERE to read it :)

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