Shan Ren (山人) means Mountain People,
the name that spiritual practitioners were known by in China for thousands of years.
These men and women dedicated their lives to understanding the true nature of the Way. 


Here in the highlands of Western Guatemala we continue that tradition and aim.

As an extension of our practice and as a service to the 

monastery's sustainability, our food and coffee are farmed entirely by volunteers, employing only local help, who otherwise struggle to find work.

Every aspect of our farming is done entirely by hand.
No machines or vehicles, no CO2 emissions, no chemical pesticides or herbicides, for low environmental impact and better food.

Our sincere aim is that others benefit from our endeavor.​


Shan Ren (山人) means "Mountain People."

Zhen Ren (真人) means "Real People" (people concerned with what is real).

Xian Ren (仙人), means "Immortal Person."


These three terms sound nearly the same -- all synonyms

pointing to the same thing:

People who live in the mountains and practice understanding the Way by awakening to the true nature of Reality.

Click here to learn more about the team behind ShanRen Farms, TaoStream, and the story of how the first inhabitants of the Qīxīng Tàijí TaoTemple met, and what brought them here.

And the story of how, in September of 2013, the 65th-generation TaoTemple was the first Temple of this ancient tradition to be established outside of Asia.

We're an intentional community of monastics and dedicated practitioners of the Way, living together on a small mountain farm.

We have about 10 thousand cats and one dog, we love our warm beverages, and some of us may be  A LITTLE  fanatical about coffee.
We're passionate about our gardens, about alternative techniques of growing food that respect
nature's ways and rhythms, and about cooking,
cooking and cooking. We LOVE cooking.

Each day, we wake before sunrise

to practice 4 hours of meditation before tending our orchards and farm. Our day continues with meticulous care for the best foods and coffee you will ever taste

— and a few more hours of meditation.


As monks we train rigorously in attention, precision, care, patience and contemplation, and we carry our practice into what we do, and into the growing and making of our products.

May these foods fill you with goodness,

may our coffee wake you up in hard mornings and accompany you in joyful ones,

may our jam delight your family & friends.

And may this make you smile.

Best wishes to you all,

shan ren farms

Ever wondered

We understand wanting to know where the foods we eat comes from.


Also, we wish our money to go to a good purpose. We wish to support farmer's that live in harmony with their environment; we wish to not be of further damage to this earth with another wrong purchase; and we wish to not feed our bodies with artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and low vibe factory foods.

We love to eat organic artisan foods that have been grown and packaged with care and

attention, and where we know all the workers involved in it's making have been paid and treated fairly,

this is why we follow these same principles in Shan Ren farms.



We will kindly spare you with more
stories from our cats. Or with a cat bio page.
we receive enough very convincing requests HERE 



Cindy, Paris - Model, Actress.

“My favorite new culinary delights.
I can feel the Monastery's vibe in their food :).”


Ryan, New York, living in Burundi - Burundian Farmers' Project Manager

“ The real treat of such exotic delicacies is that adventurous feeling of something new.

Like traveling to far away lands... a must try. ”

Them Italian people. Padova


“God! return to me this coffee!”

"nature does not hurry,

yet everything is accomplished."


Bring me back

to the top!

Nice  to  have  you  here,

wish we could offer you a cup of coffee.

Get  comfortable  and  browse  around

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A boat ride to the farmer's market

A boat ride to the farmer's market, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala